Film Dash

The big Film Dash announcement

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Sorry I’ve been quiet, but I’ve been beavering away in the background to try and make Film Dash as ace as possible.

So, I’m hugely pleased to announce that:

Film Dash will now be part of Hello Digital, Birmingham’s first digital festival coming later this month!


So what does this mean for Film Dash? Well, lot’s of things. Firstly it’s no longer just me (Chris Unitt) working on this. Film Dash will be a part of an event being put together by Matthew Stanton of Film Birmingham and Roger Shannon. Hello Digital’s PR company, Big Cat are also putting their considerable weight behind it.

Things are moving quickly and the details are coming together nicely. I have a launch venue, a screening venue, judging panel, a fantastic local tie-in for the films’ criteria and a pretty damn fine prize for the winning team. Details of all of the above will follow very shortly.

I’ve been updating the other pages of this here blog but the details (condensed and less waffly) will also go on the Facebook group. Join up to that and, if you haven’t already, email the word SUBSCRIBE to to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the registration deails.

Coming soon to this blog:

  • Details of what’s happening and where
  • Michael Balcon’s legacy
  • Who’s on the judging panel
  • Prizes!

and all sorts of other goodness.  Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, if there are any suggestions you’d like to throw into the pot then please use the comments (or the Facebook wall) to let me know


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sometimes i find digital arts a bit weird looking he he he, but of course they are very cool too “‘-

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Film Dash presents Birmingham's 48-hour film challenge, 5-7 March 2010.

Teams of film makers will script, shoot and edit a film in 48 hours.

Organised by Meshed Media in association with Say Hello, which is part of Hello Digital, Arts Council, Birmingham City Council, and Bullring.


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