Film Dash

‘Into The Light’ screening event, Sunday 26th Oct

Posted on: October 22, 2008

Just a reminder that the winning film will be announced and screened at the Odeon on Sunday 26 October as part of an event called ‘Into the Light – A Celebration of Sir Michael Balcon and the City’s Film Heritage

Tickets are free, just contact Roger at

There are several places where you can see all the films:

  • They’re all online and viewable here
  • They will be played on a loop on the screens in the Atrium area of Millennium Point over the weekend of Hello Digital
  • There will be a special Film Dash screening event.  I should be able to confirm where/when that will be tomorrow.
  • I’m also going to produce DVDs with all the films on for all the team members

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Film Dash presents Birmingham's 48-hour film challenge, 5-7 March 2010.

Teams of film makers will script, shoot and edit a film in 48 hours.

Organised by Meshed Media in association with Say Hello, which is part of Hello Digital, Arts Council, Birmingham City Council, and Bullring.


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