Film Dash

And the winner is…

Posted on: October 29, 2008

Dunkirk by Team TTV

On Sunday night, at The Odeon on New Street, I announced the winners of Film Dash: Digital Galore! as part of the ‘Into The Light’ event celebrating the legacy of Sir Michael Balcon.

Rill Marchant, Pete Ashton and Danny Smith’s film featured a small robot lost and lonely in Digbeth. The judges praised its charm, humour, the use of non-conventional filming techniques and the use of the city.

Big congrats to them. Here they are too, looking all happy:


Finally I’d like to thank the judges – Roger Shannon, Matthew Stanton and Catherine Bray – for, as I said on the night, doing the job that I never could have done.

Catherine Bray has been kind enough to publish a judge statement on the 4Talent website giving her thoughts on the entries.


4 Responses to "And the winner is…"

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[…] Film Dash: And the winner is… – TTV Team for their film’s ‘charm, humour, the use of non-conventional filming techniques and the use of the city.’ I do hope Thingamagoop found his way home from the Digbeth dustbin he ended the film in. If he did, chances are he’s getting jiggy with the Flip machine the winners were given as I type. […]

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[…] was a judge on the first Film Dash and did a great job helping to pick the eventual winner. Here are some of her comments on last year’s films. Catherine also has a blog […]

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Film Dash presents Birmingham's 48-hour film challenge, 5-7 March 2010.

Teams of film makers will script, shoot and edit a film in 48 hours.

Organised by Meshed Media in association with Say Hello, which is part of Hello Digital, Arts Council, Birmingham City Council, and Bullring.


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